Jesus Mission is an evangelical interdenominational Ecumenical Christian Mission Society under the tradition of John Wesley(1709-1791, England),

a founder of Methdist Church, for spreading Jesus Gospel.

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 Rev. Eunchan Cho 

☞ Rev. Eunchan Cho's profile

*Methodist Theological Seminary(Seoul, Korea)

*Drew Theological Seminary(NJ, USA)

*Member of  International Evangelical Association(IEA)


English preaching by Rev. Eunchan Cho


object_29.gif Unlawful sexual sins: committing incest, homosexuality, and animal sex(Leviticus 18)


object_29.gif   In memory of religious reform: The righteous will live by faith(Romans 1:1-17)

Korean preaching by Rev. Eunchan Cho


object_29.gif 3.1절 기념-갇힌 자의 구원(시편 107:1-9)

(In memory of 3.1 Independent Movement-Salvation of the oppressed<Psalm 107:1-9))


object_29.gif 성탄절-예수 그리스도의 탄생 예고(마태복음 1:1-17)

(Christmas-Prediction of the birth of Jesus Christ(Matthew 1:1-17))


object_29.gif 4.13 대한민국 임시정부수립기념-하나님이 에스겔에게 보여주신 남북통일의 비전(에스겔 37:16-23)

(In memory of establishing Korea's Provisional Government- Vision of South-North Unification shown to Ezekiel by God)(Ezekiel 37"16-23)


object_29.gif6.25 전쟁비화-1.4후퇴 64주기-유다왕 르호보암의 북진통일정책(역대하 1:1-17)

(6.25 Korean War-1.4 Retreat-Unification War of King Rehoboam of Judah(1 Chr 1:1-17)


object_29.gif단경계주일-선지자 대결-예례미야와 거짓 선지자 하나냐(예례미야 28장1-17)

 (Week for watching out for heresy-prophet conflict-prophet Jeremiah and false prophet Hannaiah(Jeremiah 28:1-17)


object_29.gif바울의 회심-사울아 네가 어찌하여 나를 핍박하느냐(사도행전 9:1-9)?

(Paul's conversion-Saul! why do you persecute me?(Acts 9:1-9)


object_29.gif일본의 진주만 공습 72주기-검으로 일어난 자는 검으로 망한다(마 26:47-56)

(Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 72th-for all who draw the sword will die by the sword)(Matthew 26:47-56)


object_29.gif9,15 맥아더 장군 인천 상륙작전기념 설교방송-아브라함의 구출작전(창세기 14:1-16)

(9.15 General Macarthur Incheon Landing Operation-Abrham's rescuse operation(Genesis 14:1-16)


object_29.gif임진왜란 -이순신장군 420주기 -가나안 12정탐군의 보고(민수기 13장)

(Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592-report of 12 spies for Canaan(Numbers 13)


object_29.gif2012년 새해방송-좁은 문으로 들어가자(마태복음 7:13)

(2012 New year-enter through the narrow gate(Matthew 7:13)


object_29.gif아펜젤러 선교기념-존웨슬리의 회심-(에배소서(2:8-9)

(In memory of Apenzeller-John Wesley's conversion(Ephesians 2:8-9)


object_29.gif어거스틴 회심 기념-참회록-(로마서 13:11)

(In memory of St. Augustine's conversion-Confessions(Romans 13:11-14)


object_29.gif전쟁과 평화-임마누엘의 표적-(이사야 7:14)

(War and peace-Immanuel's sign(Isaiah 7:14)


object_29.gif종교개혁기념 2부-오직 의인은 믿음으로 말미암아 살리라 (로마서 1:8-17)

(Religius reformation 2-The righteousness will live by faith(Romans 1:8-17)


object_29.gif종교개혁기념 1부-오직 의인은 믿음으로 말미암아 살리라 (로마서 1:8-17)

(Religius reformation 1-The righteousness will live by faith(Romans 1:8-17) 예수선교회