Preacher's profile                     Jesus Mission

                                     Rev. Cho, Eun Chan (1957)

* Graduated from Seoul Methodist Theological Seminary(MDV+Th.M) joint program, 1984~1988)

*Christian ministry and biblical study in the major USA Seminary related to the United Methodistc Church between 1987-1998, staying in the USA.

    *Studied at Duke University (North Carolina, USA, MDV)

    *Graduated from Drew Theolgical Seminary(New Jersey, USA, MTS)

    * Studied at University of Chicago(Advanced Scholar's program in biblical study, Chicago, USA)

    *Other: studied Dr.Litt

*Presently Associated with  Korean Methodist Church(Gi Dok Gyo Dae Han Kam Ri Hoi)(KMC)

*Member of IEA(International Evangelical Association)

A photo was taken with family on Mother's Day near the waterfall of Gyeonggi-do, Korea