¢ºFirst Jung Dong Methodist Church- worship (Korean)

¢ºSae Mun Ahn Church- worship (Korean)


¢ºYeondong Church worshop(Korean)



The Protestant church and Methodist church , which was founded by USA's Missionary Apenzeller H.G.in Seoul, Korea as the first methodist church  in 1885

---Jung-dong, Seoul Korea---

The presbyterian church which was founded by USA's missionary Underwood H.G.in Seoul,  Korea as the first presbyterian church in 1887

--Jongro-gu, Seoul, Korea--

A Korean presbyterian church founded by USA Missionary S.F.Moore in 1894 in Seoul, Korea


Senior Pastor Rev. Ki Sung Song

Senior Pastor Rev. Soo Young Lee

Senior pastor, Rev. Sung Hee Lee


¢ºFirst Jung Dong Methodist Church Choir





¢ºSae Mun Ahn Church Choir


¢º Choir in Yeondong church